GreyBird Ventures invests in and helps to build companies that solve critical diagnostic problems in precision medicine. Our unique and singular focus allows us to partner with entrepreneurs that meet our stringent criteria from the hundreds of new technologies coming to us from around the world.

Beginning with our first investment in early 2016, each GreyBird company has the potential to dramatically change the standard of care and improve patient health.


GreyBird Portfolio Companies

The Clinical Problem

Neuromuscular disorders are currently diagnosed by infrequent and often non-quantitative clinical observations of motion. Drug discovery and treatment protocols rely on the subjective response to “How are you doing now?” – the opposite of precision.

The Atlas5D Solution

The Atlas5D Echo is a sensor that quantifies motion, with high precision in the home without using video or necessitating that anything be worn.  With two granted patents, it uses machine learning for motion biomarker discovery to precisely measure disease progression.

The Business Plan

While already receiving revenues from trials with two pharmaceutical companies, the GreyBird investment will allow Atlas5D to fully develop their technology and begin to gather the world’s largest precision motion biomarker database for multiple diseases.

The Clinical Problem

Detecting disease from blood suffers from either a lack of specificity (elevated PSA means you “may” have prostate cancer), or a lack of sensitivity in early stages of disease.  New DNA-based liquid biopsies, while accurate, mostly detect cancers after stage 3 when cure rates plummet.

The Hummingbird Solution

Hummingbird Diagnostics, has over 7000 clinical samples tested and 13 granted patents in microRNA diagnostics.  Their carefully engineered methodology has demonstrated sensitivity and specificity of over 90% in early stage cancers and neurodegenerative disorders.

The Business Plan

While already receiving revenues from grants and pharmaceutical trials, the GreyBird investment will fund  large clinical trials in the USA and Europe for early stage lung cancer detection. If the initial results are replicated in the larger trial, it could mean millions of lives saved through early diagnosis.

The Clinical Problem

Precision Medicine Diagnostics requires a test that has both high sensitivity and high specificity.  Unfortunately, biomarkers that are highly specific are often low in abundance – especially in the early stages of disease.

The Ceres Solution

The Ceres Nanotrap® technology, protected by 13 issued patents, increases the concentration of targeted biomarkers 10 to 1000 times. It not only captures, concentrates, and preserves the targeted biomarker, it allows detection in urine or saliva.

The Business Plan

Continuing to benefit from non-dilutive grant funding (> $6M from DARPA, Gates Foundation, etc.), the GreyBird investment will be used for their first product – a highly sensitive and very specific test for Lyme Disease using a self-collected urine sample.

GreyBird Ventures

is named after the arctic tern, a bird that migrates 71,000 km annually. As they can live for 30 years, this is the lifetime equivalent of three trips to the moon and back. Not bad for a 100 gram bird. We strive to emulate its size to performance ratio as well as its global reach.


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