Sarah O’Shaughnessy

Sarah serves as GreyBird’s Director of Operations. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Merrimack College in 2009 with a concentration in international business, and has worked in the Department of Radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital in an administrative capacity since 2012. Sarah is currently completing a Healthcare MBA program at Simmons College, School of Management in Boston. As part of her MBA program, Sarah is involved in a part-time internship at the MA State House working with Senator Welch, co-Chair of the Healthcare Financing Committee. Her interests lie at the intersection of health policy and business. She...

Bonnie Blanchfield

Bonnie Blanchfield is a health services researcher and consultant who serves as Director of Finance and Accounting for GreyBird. Bonnie’s 35+ year career started  in public accounting. She then moved to corporate management before obtaining a doctoral degree at the Harvard School of Public Health. In her academic activities, Bonnie combines her understanding of accounting and corporate finance with her research skills to produce policy relevant research and program evaluation looking at health care costs, health care delivery redesign, patient safety and quality. She holds a faculty appointment at Harvard Medical School and adjunct appointment at The Dartmouth Institute. Bonnie...

GreyBird Ventures

is named after the arctic tern, a bird that migrates 71,000 km annually. As they can live for 30 years, this is the lifetime equivalent of three trips to the moon and back. Not bad for a 100 gram bird. We strive to emulate its size to performance ratio as well as its global reach.


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