“GreyBird claims that they are not passive investors – and they are not. They encourage, demand and help us improve as individuals and as a company. As Board Members, they provide guidance and exert control as appropriate, but always leave enough room for the CEO to lead and continue to develop. We feel fortunate that they chose to invest in our company.”

Jochen Kohlhaas, CEO, Hummingbird Diagnostics

“GreyBird was extremely helpful to us well prior to their investment. They helped shape our strategy, opined on marketing documents, helped shape our presentations, and even contributed family members as beta testers. They remain deeply involved and committed to our success.”

Zeb Kimmel, CEO, Atlas5D

“GreyBird helped us see the necessity of narrowing the scope of our product investments to a solution that accelerated our initial market penetration. They also provided much-needed introductions to strategic partners. While we cannot (yet) count ourselves among their portfolio companies, we have greatly benefitted from their ‘engaged diligence’ process.”

Nick Berens, CEO, TransMed

“Prior to investing, GreyBird helped us to craft our business plan and focus on the commercialization of the Lyme test as our first product. They have introduced us at very high levels to potential strategic partners and never fail to give us some free advertising whenever possible.”

Ross Dunlap, CEO, Ceres Nanosciences