GreyBird Portfolio Companies: Ceres Nano

The Clinical Problem

Precision Medicine Diagnostics requires a test that has both high sensitivity and high specificity.  Unfortunately, biomarkers that are highly specific are often low in abundance – especially in the early stages of disease.

The Ceres Solution

The Ceres Nanotrap® technology, protected by 13 issued patents, increases the concentration of targeted biomarkers 10 to 1000 times. It not only captures, concentrates, and preserves the targeted biomarker, it allows detection in urine or saliva.

The Business Plan

Continuing to benefit from non-dilutive grant funding (> $6M from DARPA, Gates Foundation, etc.), the GreyBird investment will be used for their first product – a highly sensitive and very specific test for Lyme Disease using a self-collected urine sample.