GreyBird Portfolio Companies: Genetika+

The Clinical Problem

Depression affects over 300 million people globally and has an annual economic impact of over $300 billion in the US alone. There are dozens of antidepressants and combinations for depression treatment and each takes 4-6 weeks to test in the patient’s own body. Furthermore, 63% of patients try multiple medications before finding an effective treatment.  As a result of these challenges, patients can lose months to years of their lives searching for the right antidepressant medication.

The Genetika+ Solution

Genetika+ has developed an analytic platform using novel brain-in-a-dish technology to generate neurons from a simple patient blood sample. This is combined with patient data and AI to provide clinicians with drug treatment recommendations matched to each patient, based on that patient’s unique neuronal response to specific medications.  This precision medicine approach is designed to dramatically shorten the search for effective treatment, saving patients’ and physicians’ time, and reducing healthcare costs and disability due to failed therapeutic attempts.

The Business Plan

Genetika+’s precision psychiatry approach has been validated on data from a landmark NIH treatment trial. Additional clinical studies are launching worldwide.  Genetika+ is focused on scaling up its technology for broad clinical launch in the US and Europe and to support our drug development partners.  Clinical adoption will be supported by the test’s compliance with reimbursement frameworks for laboratory developed tests (LDTs). The potential market for these tests is immense.

Latest News from Genetika+

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