GreyBird Portfolio Companies: GNA Biosolutions

The Clinical Problem

The analysis of nucleic acids (DNA, RNA, etc.) is a cornerstone of precision medicine diagnostics and for most applications, and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) represents the gold standard due to its very high specificity. However, PCR systems are generally too slow, complex and expensive for broad implementation, particularly at the point of care.

The GNA Solution

GNA Biosolutions has developed an innovative approach to PCR that substantially reduces the time required for thermocycling, and thereby reduces the size, cost and complexity of the systems. GNA’s Pulse Controlled Amplification technology enables up to 10 times shorter time to resulton a cost-effective integrated cartridge system that can be operated by unskilled personnel. Ultimately, it may even be possible to create an “instrument free” molecular test, powered from a USB port.

The Business Plan

GNA’s present focus is on the development of an integrated cartridge- based decentralized system for the human diagnostic market.  The currently estimated market potential for these commonly named “point-of-care” (POC) systems is just under $1 billion but it is also one of the more rapidly growing segments of the market.  The plan is to have a system ready for the human diagnostics market by the end of 2020.


GNA Biosolutions was acquired in January of 2021

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