GreyBird Portfolio Companies: JF Healthcare

The Clinical Problem

There is a critical shortage of physicians and trained medical technologists in the primary care (Tier 1) hospitals that are intended to provide care for more than 300 million people living in the poorer, rural regions of China.  This leads to both poor quality of care and overuse of the Tier 2 (secondary care) and Tier 3 (tertiary care) hospitals in the major cities, even for minor ailments.

The JF Solution

Using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, JF will improvethe quality of care delivered by undertrained staff of the Tier 1 hospitals, reduce the need for Tier 2 & 3 hospitals to spend precious resources on township hospital patients who have minor ailments and at the same time, help triage those patients that should best be referred to the Tier 2 and Tier 3 hospitals.  JF’s initial focus is on AI-enabled chest X-ray interpretation, and the company recently demonstrated best in class performance in a competition hosted by Stanford University.

The Business Plan

The market opportunity for JF is massive, and the company has already begun to commercialize their technology.  They have already demonstrated that their technology enables the diagnosis of TB to be conducted with the same or better outcomes than the top hospitals in the world.  They intend to grow the business, diagnosis by diagnosis, selling capital equipment along with services provided by their own radiology staff, as a part of government sponsored initiatives to diagnose and treat as many patients in the local hospitals as possible with a high quality and low cost.